What we do

After the job is done, you will get a certificate with a 2 year warranty for slip resistance.


With this certificate you will be protected against neglectance lawsuits and you will be able to apply for a TAX credit. 


If desired we will reinspect your floor safety periodically for free. Retreatment could be needed in some heavy traffic areas after a few years. 


No need for wet floor signs any more!
No need for wet floor signs any more!


For a surcharge we can apply the treatment during off hours at night.

Details about the product

The Anti-Slip Transparent Floor Coating, clear anti-slip water-based sealer, for: glossy tile, polish marble, travertine marble, limestone, granite, porcelain tile, terrazzo, vinyl, linoleum, and acrylic or fiberglass bathtub.

No more slippery floors, bathtubs, swimming pool decks, preventing slippery floors and other slippery surfaces with Anti-Slip Sealer, Anti Slip Floor Coating, Anti-Slip Product #1 the Value of Safety.

The anti slip solution designed and formulated for: polished marble, granite, travertine marble, limestone, delicate decorative very shiny ceramic tiles, shiny white porcelain, glossy tile, terrazzo, fiberglass bathtub, and fiberglass shower pan, vinyl and linoleum floor, painted concrete. This Anti-Slip Sealer will not change the color or appearance of the marble floor or glossy tile.

What does Anti-Skid Solution, Anti-Slip Coating mean?

Tje Anti-Slip Coating is a non-abrasive water based sealer that creates a transparent structure on the top of the surface to make better traction, increases slip resistance more than 0.70 Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF).


About Friction

A static anti-slip coefficient of friction of .50 or above is considered a safe walkway surface with a dry condition. A reading below .50 is considered an unsafe walkway surface. (Source: The Slip and Fall Handbook, by S.I. Rosen, Hanrow Press) The SCOF is dramatically reduced when an untreated flat tile surface is subjected to water or other wetting agents. The SCOF of a Nano-Grip treated surface complies with the above industry standards

Dynamic friction vs static friction:  Arthur Morin introduced the term and demonstrated the utility of the coefficient of friction. The coefficient of friction is an empirical measurement – it has to be measured experimentally, and cannot be found through calculations. Rougher surfaces tend to have higher effective values. Both static and kinetic coefficients of friction depend on the pair of surfaces in contact; for a given pair of surfaces, the coefficient of static friction is usually larger than that of kinetic friction; in some sets the two coefficients are equal, such as teflon-on-teflon.

The Area we Serve

We are located in Seminole (ZIP Codes: 33776, 33772, 33777, 33708) in Pinellas County Florida, but also serve cities nearby like Belleair (ZIP Codes: 33770), 33771, 33760),  North Redington Beach, Belleair Beach, Oldsmar Belleair Bluffs, Pinellas Park, Belleair Shore,  Redington Beach,  Clearwater  (ZIP Codes: 33755, 33765, 33759, 33756, 33764), Redington Shores, Dunedin, Safety Harbor,  Gulfport, St. Pete Beach,  Indian Rocks Beach,  St. Petersburg (ZIP Codes: 33701, 33702, 33703, 33704, 33705, 33706, 33707, 33708, 33709, 33710, 33711, 33712, 33713, 33714),  Indian Shores, Kenneth City, South Pasadena, Largo (ZIP Codes: 33774, 33778, 33773, 33760, 33776, 33772, 33777, 33762, 33716, 33702, 33782, 33781, Tarpon Springs,  Madeira Beach, Treasure Island)